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Brochure copywriting

Whether you need an elaborate 16-page corporate brochure, a focused four-page product brochure, or a one page flier, many of the challenges are the same:

  • You need a clear consistent voice that tells a compelling story to engage your customers.
  • You need business-credible and technically-accurate information that describes the unique features of your offering, but also convinces your customers that you meet real needs and deliver real benefits.
  • You need a brochure that supports your sales team, that engages your customers, and that delivers a strong call to action.

There's more to an effective brochure than the words. Design and text must work together to inspire your target audience. You need a copywriter that enthusiastically engages with your design vision and knows how to enhance it.

As a busy marketer, the best prose is ultimately useless if you still have to find time to edit it to fit the available design space. If you have a template or a preconceived design vision, Marcom Write will write to fit and make your template shine. It's part of the job and Marcom Write delivers.

Marcom Write works hand-in-hand with your preferred design team to deliver the best brochure in the fastest time. Alternatively, Marcom Write can provide a complete copywriting and design service to deliver finished brochure artwork ready for you to print. Either way Marcom Write is here to help, and help fast. Outsource copywriting for your next brochure to Marcom Write.

"Ability to quickly understand even the most complex messages and distil them into clear and precise marketing material is nothing short of incredible.”
Dale Dixon, Product Strategy Manager (Enterprise), MYOB
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