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Writing for the web is not the same as writing for other formats. The format is different, the constraints are different, and the desired outcomes are more immediate. Visitors to your website need to be engaged quickly with fewer words and with a consistent voice.

Perhaps most importantly for busy marketing professionals, the challenges of constantly updating a website can be relentless. Whether you need a single webpage or an entire website, Marcom Write provides an efficient outsourced copywriting option.

You gain the benefit of years of experience managing leading technology websites. Marcom Write can provide as little or as much web content as you require:

  • Style and tone will be tailored to ensure fresh web content seamlessly enhances your existing website
  • Web content will highlight your targeted search key words and key phrases for effective search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Your corporate web templates and guidelines will not only be complied with, they will be made to shine.

Web content needs to be direct, engaging and informative. To achieve this you often need regular updates and fresh content. Marcom Write provides a rapid and reliable outsourced copywriting service for the don't-have-time-to-write web content updates on your "To Do" list.

Outsource your next web content update to Marcom Write.

"Immediately grasped and clarified our value proposition, and turned it into website content, press releases, and an 'elevator pitch' that we use daily. Our message is now clear, and it's resonating with customers, analysts and the press."
Jonathan Lacey, CEO, Ofidium
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