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Websites can be adapted and extended over time. This can provide fantastic flexibility, but without careful planning it can prove to be a trap for many organisations. Careful planning in advance saves you time and money and leads to faster design and more effective website development.

Marcom Write can work with your key personnel to answer critical web development questions:

  • Who will use our website?
  • What are their needs? What are they looking for?
  • What is the most appropriate information architecture for those visitors to find what they need quickly and intuitively?
  • How will our website structure improve search engine optimisation?
  • How can we use navigation headings and other website components to convey our core marketing messages and reinforce our credibility and positioning?

Depending on your requirements, this usually involves a facilitated 1/2 day workshop and research of competitor websites leading to a fully documented website plan itemising recommended website structure, navigation within each section of the website, and even individual design briefs for each page if required. This enables careful review and refinement before you spend a cent on design and development.

Marcom Write brings to your project extensive experience in website reviews for small companies, large government departments and some of the world's leading corporations.

"This major review of our 900 page website met all expectations... expertise
in structuring complex information for optimal accessibility resulted in sound recommendations. Facilitated workshops
with key staff ensured appropriate consultation."
Web Manager, Government Department
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