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Is finding your website online like finding a needle in a haystack? Do you have a great website that never seems to rank highly with the various search engines. Marcom Write can analyse your site and prepare recommendations as to how you can improve your search engine ranking and ultimately improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website.

More importantly, for new websites, it is critical to plan up front the search engine optimisation objectives for the site. With those objectives carefully thought out and agreed in advance, Marcom Write can ensure that content for your new website is written with user accessibility, sales effectiveness AND search engine optimisation in mind.

Make the most of your website, don’t let it get lost in the ether. 


"We went from being a small regional care provider, to receiving international enquiries from women willing to relocate to access our services. I am still astounded by the search engine results."
Rachael McLeod, Founder, Birth by Nature
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